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Pola's Story

My name is Pola and so far I've had three different journeys in life. The first one began about five years ago in Florida when a lady said she would take care of me. I'm not sure what I did because I was a puppy but she didn't like me anymore, so she packed her things and moved away without me. Although I was only six months old, had no food or a place to call home, I knew I had to be strong. I roamed the streets and ran away from every stranger that came my way because I didn't trust them and because I'm a very fast runner.

Then, a hot summer afternoon, another lady and her dog approached me. I trust dogs, so I let them convince me to come with them but then the lady said they couldn't keep me but they would take me "home". They had no idea I had been abandoned. On the way back to the address on my tag, I recognized a man who tried to catch me a few days earlier. It was fate! He was my Dad and he would be the one to take me Home.

That's when my second journey began! I met Mom and she fell head over heels for me, I also met my brother who became my best friend. After nursing me back to health, we had amazing times together every single day. My favorite things to do included running around the backyard with my brother, fetching my bouncy ball, riding in the car with Mom, eating bananas with Dad, and sunbathing under the Florida sun.

We then moved away because Mom got a job offer in Texas, where the fun continued because I had a backyard for running and sunbathing, my parents packed my toys, and they also sell bananas there, so I was all set. The best thing of all is that this time the move included me! To celebrate my parents' anniversary, we all went on a family road trip back to Florida. Road trips are my favorite and I was going to see my family there, so I was ready to go!

As we were driving through Louisiana, we were suddenly struck by a distracted driver. After the car stopped spinning, I realized I couldn't feel or move my legs anymore. Mom pulled me out of the car and gave me to a wonderful lady who promised to take care of me and my brother while Mom and Dad went to the hospital, and she did. So many other kind people got together and they all tried to help me out so that I could keep running and living my life but it was not to be because a new journey was about to begin.

My third and final journey began when I felt my legs again running across the Rainbow Bridge and it was great! I watch over my family from here, I also watch over other dogs who have had a tough life and need to feel the love that I felt when my family found me. There's nothing like a second chance at life and that's what I wish for all dogs who don't know what Home is... yet.

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